Roofing Trends to Watch Out for This 2023

Roof Design

Many people think that the roofing industry is as straightforward as it comes. What has been around for ages works, so why change it up, right? But the thing is, like with industries and businesses, the roofing landscape is ever-changing as well. It adapts to the needs and preferences of the time.

Over the years, various styles and trends have emerged, constantly evolving to meet homeowners’ needs. With roofing being an integral part of any home or establishment, learning more about the changing methods and styles is imperative. Below are some roofing trends to watch out for this 2023.

Trendy Roof Color

  • Use of Lighter Colors

In the past few years, you might have seen fashion and clothing gravitating towards nudes, creams, beiges, and even lighter shades of gray. It seems that the roofing industry is finally catching on to this trend as many homeowners have been on the lookout for lighter-colored roofs.

Muted grays, beiges, whites, lighter browns, and even driftwood are quite huge. Even pale blue colors are in-demand these days.

Apart from being able to pair well with many home colors and lend a more contemporary look, these versatile colors also bring some advantages to them. For one, these keep the home or the building much cooler during the hot summer months. These help lower the energy costs for homeowners, so expect these to become more prominent this year.

  • Rise of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been around for such a long time, but it’s definitely having a moment this 2023, and for good reason. Not only is it durable even through varying weather conditions, but it’s also sleek and modern enough to match just about any property.

These are perfect for individuals who live in areas with extreme and or changing temperatures as well as harsh winds. These can withstand these and now come in varying designs instead of just the big metal sheets of yesteryears. Plus, with its highly reflective and insulative properties, this helps keep energy costs down.

  • Demand for Solar Panels

With many people looking to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part for the world, more and more homeowners and business owners alike have been shifting towards using solar panels to power up their property. As such, there are now roofing companies that are developing and installing solar panels on roofs.

Solar panels have the capacity to lower energy costs. While these can become pricey and are indeed an investment, these will basically pay off in the long run as they offset your electricity costs.

  • Green Roofing is In

Besides solar panels, green roofing is also becoming more popular. To those who aren’t aware of what these are, green roofing is a type of roofing that is covered with plants or vegetation.

Green Roofs

Green roofing aims to help the environment by giving back oxygen to the environment or its surrounding. It also helps improve air quality. In addition, green roofing also reduces energy consumption and allows heat to be absorbed well.

Final Thoughts

The roofing industry is teeming with possibilities. With these emerging trends, you can find the right roof that works for your home or building in no time.