Gulf Coast Roof Replacement

The process of replacing your roof can be daunting but fortunately, unless something catastrophic happens, it should last for many years. A quality roof installed by professionals typically has a life span of 20-25 years. Few investments are as important to your home as a roof. Given the cost involved, trusting the task to reputable professionals is key.

Freeman Roofing is a local, family-owned business with 40 plus years of experience. We will gladly assess your roof and give you a no-obligation quote. Type of roof, materials and old roof removal are all factors in the final cost. Our experts will answer any questions and make sure you have a full understanding of the roof replacement process.

At Freeman Roofing our reputation is of the utmost importance and we take pride in every job, no matter the size. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and materials sets us apart from our competitors. Roof replacement is a large financial commitment that should be entrusted to dependable professionals. In the words of owner James “Jimmy” Freeman, “Our goal is to provide a quality roof at an affordable price.”

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Over

Roof over is when a new roof is placed over existing shingles. It is usually only recommended for a roof that may be reaching the end of its lifespan but has no real damage or issues and can only be done if there is just a single layer of shingles in place. The existing roof would need to be in fairly good shape because without lifting or removing the current shingles, you can not truly know if any problems are present.

Roof replacements have no restrictions on when they can be done. If a roof has more than one layer of shingles or is damaged or in poor condition, a roof replacement is the best option as it will allow for these things to be addressed.

Quality Work at a Fair Price

The Roof Replacement Process

Our experts have streamlined the process for our customers. One of our professionals will meet with you and provide a written, signed proposal and a notice of commencement which is required on any job in excess of $2500.00 from the city/county building department. Customers are to have this notarized and returned to us, we even have an in-office notary for convenience. This should be completed before work commences and is required for a final inspection. The next step is color/materials selection. If the current drip edge is in good shape, it can possibly be reused. We will have the homeowner consult on that decision. The experienced staff at Freeman Roofing is happy to assist you in choosing from the quality products from our well-known manufacturers. After selections are made, we order the permit and materials.

The first (and noisiest) step is removing all the existing shingles and adhesive and inspecting the wood underneath. If any wood is damaged, it will be addressed at that time. All debris will be neatly collected and contained.

After the removal of the old roofing is done and any needed repairs have been made, the underlayment will be installed followed by the drip edge (if necessary). Then, the new roofing system will begin to be installed along with necessary flashing and ridge vents (this step is also noisy though not as raucous as the removal. The final step is to clean up during which our professionals will ensure all materials and debris are disposed of properly.

On the average-sized home/building, the roofing installation should take 1-2 days. Other variables including slope, size, woodwork and weather may play a part in the timetable. After completion, you will be invoiced and once the invoice is paid, we will provide the 15-year workmanship warranty. Finally, the final inspection will be ordered/completed and the warranty is submitted to the manufacturer. Once we receive the warranty (typically 1-3 months turnaround time) we will forward it to you.

Trust Your Local Experts

Roof replacement, typically, should occur sparingly in the average person’s time as a homeowner. Barring catastrophic events like hurricanes and tornados, most sound roofing systems should last several years. Even so, it is still a large financial commitment and should not be trusted to just any company. Freeman Roofing’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident by the testimonials of their many satisfies customers over the last 40 years. We take pride in our community and our body of work. Freeman Roofing’s expert knowledge, honesty and professionalism make us the clear choice for your roof replacement. Call our office today at 850-994-1078 for a free no-obligation quote.