When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Do you know when it is time to replace your roof? Without the presence of obvious signs such as a large hole or major leaks, most of us are clueless. Roof replacement is a major financial investment and the correct timing in doing so is critical. There are many factors to be considered in making such an important decision. Replacing the roof too early can have you spending money unnecessarily while waiting too long can cause additional damage and increase the cost exponentially. Luckily, we do not have to determine this on our own. When we have issues with our health, we do not self-diagnose, we consult a doctor and rely on his/her expertise. This holds true for our home’s roof as well. An experienced professional can help you determine when roof replacement is needed and help prevent costly issues.

How Often Should a Roof be Replaced?

There is not a cut and dry answer as to when a roof should be replaced. The type of materials that a roof is made of is a huge consideration in the lifespan of a roof. A standard shingles roof will not have near the longevity that a tile roof will. If your roof has been exposed to severe weather, replacement may be needed sooner than usual. A roof that has been neglected will almost certainly have a shorter lifespan than a well maintained one. Another huge factor is the workmanship of the roof’s installer. Quality work by an experienced company results in a longer roof life. A licensed expert roofing contractor knows what to look for to see if a replacement is necessary for your particular roof type.

Shingled Roofs

Asphalt and composite shingled roofs are among the most common roofing systems. They are affordable and pleasing to the eye and so naturally they are a popular choice for homeowners. Laminated asphalt shingled roofs have a typical lifespan of 15-30 years and the range on three tab composite shingles is approximately 12-20 years. If your shingled roof falls within this age range, it is likely time to consider a roof replacement. Some other signs that your roof’s life expectancy is nearing its end are loose or curled shingles. Visible granules or pieces of shingles found in the gutters or ground is further evidence that the current system is failing.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly found in mid-century homes and many commercial structures. Flat roofs are an economical choice as the materials can be less expensive than other options. The average life expectancy of a flat roof is anywhere from 10-20 years. Due to the lack of a slope, flat roofs are vulnerable to ponding. Ponding is water that is not properly draining and sits creating a puddle like a small pond. This can cause damage and even mold if not addressed. Holes and leaks are other indicators that it is time for roof replacement.

Metal Roofs

Although metal roofs have been available for many years, they have grown increasingly popular recently in part due to the coastal and farmhouse trends in homebuilding. Not only do they offer architectural and curb appeal, but metal roofs are also quite durable. They have a longer life span than other roofs, typically around 50-75 years. Though they do not require much maintenance, these roofing systems are still susceptible to certain issues. Standing water, failing seals and rust are common concerns regarding metal roofs. The age and condition of the roof are instrumental in determining when to replace your metal roof.

Quality Work at a Fair Price

Insurance Claims Assistance

If your roof needs replacing due to damage, we can help you navigate the insurance claims process. Filing a claim can be confusing and often met with resistance from the insurance company. We have many years of experience in this area and can help get your claim approved. Contact us first so we can meet your adjuster on-site and share our expertise on the damage and necessary repairs. Already filed a claim only to have it denied? We can help with that as well.

Trust Your Experts in Roof Replacement

Roofing expertise is something that most of us do not have and we certainly lack the knowledge to know exactly when our roof needs replacing. Roof replacement is an important and expensive task that should not be taken lightly. Each system is different and varying circumstances make it impossible for us to pinpoint the perfect time to replace our existing roof. Allow the experts at Freeman Roofing to guide you in making a smart and informed decision that will protect your biggest investment. Call our office today for a free no-obligation quote.