What to Expect During the Roofing Installation Process

You have made an informed decision and selected a licensed, reputable roofing contractor to begin the process of installing your new roof. You have agreed on the price and materials. This is one of the most important investments that you will make in protecting your home or business. So now what? Knowing what to expect during the roofing process will not only help you to prepare, but will also alleviate concerns surrounding the installation. A trusted, experienced company will handle all of the necessary prep work and do a full clean up afterward. Even so, there are still minor things that you as a homeowner or business owner can do beforehand to ensure a smooth process.

Day One: Teardown

By the time you have chosen the roofing company for your installation, the company should have given you an idea of what to expect during the roof installation process. Most residential jobs typically take 2 days, although this can vary depending on the size of your home. Commercial buildings can take longer if the roof size is large. On day one, most jobs will consist of a teardown. This is the process of the old roof and shingles being torn off. At this time, the contractors will inspect the overall condition. They can check for damaged areas, including mold, wood rot and insect damage. Certain issues could present delays, but if no major issues are found, this part should be completed during the first day.

Noise and Debris

It is a noisy and messy process. If your commercial business has customer traffic, you may even want to consider closing for this day. Shingles, nails and other materials will be falling from your roof. Ideally, most of these items will make their way to the onsite dumpster, but inevitably, some will not. The roofing contractors will do their best to ensure all debris is removed. If you are doing a roof over, this step will be omitted as the new roofing materials will simply cover the existing roof (roof overs are not always advised so it is important to consult with a professional before committing).

Quality Work at a Fair Price

Day 2: New Material Installation

Day two of the roofing process is when the new materials will be installed. The following steps generally remain true whether the job is residential, commercial or a roof over. This day will be consistent with day 1 as there will be lots of noise and pounding. Although the work is being done on the exterior of your home or building, the inside will certainly feel the effects. The vibrations from hammering may cause pictures or valuables to fall. Loud sounds will continue until the job is finished so plan for a minimum of two full days of the disruption.

Have a Seamless Roof Installation Process

Now that you know what your roofing project will entail, what are the steps that you can take to ensure a smoother process? There are many things that you can do ahead of time to make this process easier on yourself, your family, employees and customers.

  1. If you have babies or young children in your home, it would be advisable to take them to a friend or sitter for the duration of the installation. Naps and quiet time will be impossible during the roof installation process. This advice applies to sensitive pets as well. Should you decide to keep pets home during construction, they should never be outside. If it is a commercial roofing project, you may want to give any non-essential personnel the day off as the noise and pounding could inhibit workplace productivity.
  2. Alerting neighbors and nearby businesses ahead of time is a considerate action that can ease any tensions. They will undoubtedly be bothered by the chaos, but a kind heads up will go a long way.
  3. Having a freshly cut yard is also beneficial. Nails and debris will be much easier to spot in short grass and ensure that your entire yard is accessible. The professionals will need to work around the perimeter of your home so have all gates open and remove any toys and furniture that could be in the way.
  4. Prior to contractors arriving in the morning, move your vehicles out of the driveway or parking lot. This allows them access to the home that they need and prevents you from getting blocked in by their trucks.
  5. Make sure that you have a working electrical outlet for the roofing contractors to use. Check the night before so you are able to show them where the power sources are located.
  6. The attic will take the brunt of any disturbances during the roof replacement process so it is important to relocate any special or sentimental items to a lower floor. The garage is also susceptible as there is usually little to no insulation overhead for protection. Cars or other valuables may be at risk of getting scratched from falling debris and dust.
  7. Pictures, mirrors and other decor that is hung on the walls could fall and break due to the vibrations from constant hammering. Taking them off of the wall during this period is wise. This goes for crystal, china and any other valuables that are not firmly secured. Consider moving these treasures from china cabinets to a safer place temporarily.
  8. Finally, once your new roof is finished and the professionals have completed the installation and clean up, it is still extremely important to have children wear shoes when playing outside on residential job sites, just in case any nails are missed. Similar precautions on commercial job sites are also advisable.

Roof Installation Experts

Replacing your roof is an important step in protecting your biggest investment, whether it be your home or business. Knowing what to expect during the roofing replacement will help you to be better prepared for this process. Following the steps above will ensure a smoother, less disruptive process for your family or employees. Call the professionals at Freeman Roofing for a free no-obligation quote and to help you better understand the roof replacement process.