Storm Proof Roofing

Residents of the gulf coast are no stranger to the havoc caused by storms and hurricanes. Hurricanes Ivan, Michael and many others serve as a reminder of how devastating their power can be. We have seen the news coverage of the damage, shell-shocked residents sifting through their destroyed belongings hoping to salvage family pictures and treasures. Leveled homes and businesses not only displace families and create financial hardships, but they take an emotional toll as well. Sentimental items are often irreplaceable. Of course, the worst-case scenario is the loss of human lives when a structure fails.

What can we do to protect our homes and businesses from such devastating damage? A building’s roof is one of the most important lines of defense in maintaining its structural integrity. If the roof gives way, the home becomes extremely vulnerable to severe damage. Storm proof roofing is vital to keeping your homes and the loved ones inside safe during severe weather.

Why Do Roofs Fail?

High winds create an uplift. This uplift can cause major damage to all areas of your roof but especially to eaves, ridges and corners. Shingles can be compromised and even torn off completely. Any rain from the associated storm would then seep in and create issues. If your roof and materials are not fastened properly, the entire roof can fail, fully exposing your home and practically guaranteeing catastrophic damage. Storm proof roofing should only be entrusted to experienced professionals.

The Importance of Roof Shape

The shape of your roof can play a big role in how resistant it is to wind speed. Dome roofs lack edges thus helping to prevent uplift from affecting the roof. Some dome roofs have been proven to withstand category 5 hurricanes (wind speed that exceeds 157 mph).  While dome roofs are extremely effective against high winds, they are not exactly practical. Not only are they costly but they also have such a unique look that resale values are poor. There are other more common alternatives, for instance, hip roofs. The design of hip roofs (all 4 sides shave a gentle downward slope and lack of overhangs) makes them less susceptible to uplifts. In contrast, gable roofs have a much higher chance of uplift, water intrusion and even the detachment of the roof from the walls.

Quality Work at a Fair Price

Metal Roofs VS. Asphalt Roofs

Metal and asphalt roofs are the two most popular styles along the Gulf Coast. They are both pleasing to the eye and work with a variety of home types, but which is going to better protect your home or business during bad weather?

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs are generally the most common roof types. They are attractive and work with a wide variety of home styles. These roofs also have a fairly long life span. Regarding wind resistance, asphalt shingles can blow off during high winds leaving your home exposed to the elements. If the shingles are of good quality and have been properly installed they can likely survive a low-grade hurricane or tropical storm without major issues. Once wind speeds reach an excess of 130 mph, asphalt shingle roofs are prone to increased damage.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are quickly gaining a large following. Quality metal roofs from reliable manufacturers are very weather resistant. Most can withstand winds up to 150 mph and gusts as high as 180. The interlocking design is one of the most resistant to high winds.

Choosing Your Roof Type

Choosing a roof type and design are important factors in ensuring that your structure has storm proof roofing. Square hip roof designs and metal roofing systems are the most reliable when it comes to wind resistance. The roofs are only as good as the hands that installed them and the materials used. The highest grade of metal on your roof is meaningless if it is not secured correctly. The professionals at Freeman Roofing possesses expert knowledge in multiple roofing styles. We use quality products and take the time to make sure the job is done right. Our local, family-owned company has experienced all of the panhandle hurricanes of the past 40+ years. We have built a solid reputation for our workmanship and will be here before and after the storm. Call Freeman Roofing today to schedule a consultation to see what steps need to be taken to storm proof your roof.